Woodstock Photo of 1969 Festival, View from the helicopter by Woodstock Photographer Barry Z Levine, copyright Barry Z Levine, all rights reserved  
   Barry Z Levine  Woodstock Festival 1969 

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more than 300 color photos by

Barry Z Levine 
Photographer Academy Award winning "Woodstock" Film 
Sharing a few days together in the country  with a few hundred thousand friends
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Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS Woodstock Festival 1969 commemorative stamp, Copyright USPS
  Poster by Arnold Skolnick  

Woodstock Festival '69 
Celebrating the 40th  Anniversary  2009
and the Woodstock Generation 

Jimi Hendrix       Janis Joplin       Jerry Garcia        Joan Baez   The Band             Sweetwater           Country  Joe  McDonald     
Arlo Guthrie      Santana      Canned Heat       Richie Havens Joe Cocker     Ten Years After        Mountain          Sha-Na-Na
Jefferson Airplane    Sly & The Family Stone     Ravi Shankar The Who    Incredible String Band   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
The Farm     The Crowd     The Pond    Swami Satchidinanda 
Academy Award Winning Woodstock Film Crew
About Barry Z Levine,  Photographer  Woodstock Film 
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Poster 1, Aerial view

Woodstock Photo at Festival 1969, View from the helicopter, copyright Barry Z Levine Woodstock Photographer all rights reserved  

Poster # 2 couple kissing in the pond
Woodstock Photo at Festival 1969, Copyright Barry Z Levine Woodstock Photographer all rights reserved

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a Book Commemorating the Woodstock Festival 1969, Copyright Barry Z Levine and Linanne G Sackett all rights reserved

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"An incredible all-access pass to the music and art fair that came to be known solely as Woodstock…the author’s have created an intimate time capsule with this book…the peace and love essence of Woodstock rings out loud and clear.”

Kirkus Discoveries


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Stunning photos and a great narrative makes this book a must have for anyone who was at Woodstock, wish they had been, or for anyone wanting a great history lesson and a piece of the 60's. Rare photos of the musicians, the people, and the landscape from the perspective and lens of a festival insider is a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary and the spirit of Woodstock.

Eric B Merill, Westhampton


I couldn't put this book down! Dance/music camps for grown-ups make me kick up my heels, and now, here's a picture story book for grown-ups from the Woodstock Festival of 1969, just in time for its 40th anniversary. Subtitled "A Chronologically and Anatomically Correct Illustrated Tale for Post-Woodstock Generations," the book has never-before-published shots from the still photographer of the Acadamy-Award winning movie about the event. Everything is here--from the set up with stage crews and Richie Havens's welcoming set, to the muddy, skinnydipping, potsmoking, make-love-not-war community;  to Hendrix and the Star Spangled Banner; to the epilogue about "the greatest peaceful event in world history." You're going to love this book, and it makes an awesome gift item. Put on Sly and the Family Stone's "Gonna Take You Higher" and treat yourself to what I'm going to predict is hailed as the best rock-'n-roll stroll down hippie lane of the century!

Evelyn Schneider, Gardiner

The pictures tell the story. The words tie the story together.Makes one appreciate the wonder of this event. When I look at some of the photos I sit with my mouth open. Example: a photo of 500K people is worth a million words.Most of the photos I have not seen elsewhere, apparently taken by the author and not available to others.

Close-up pictures of the now-famous persons tell tales.How did this event - against all probability - out of the control of the "organizers", come to pass? Remarkable!

Preparations were not adequate for any crowd, let alone the huge numbers that converged on this farmer's field. In spite of this, (or because of it?) a remarkable moment in time for an entire generation. A return to basics of human nature. Pictures tell the story.

Put this on your coffee table, or keep it on your night stand.A great way for the Woodstock Generation to "relate" to any younger generation... or visa-versa. Was this an event to imitate?? To fear?? Both??

JohnWestney, New York

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